We want your Quatro garments to look as good as new after months and months of hard work in the gym. Like every high-performance item (particularly with novelty foils and light/dark colour combinations) it needs and deserves some special love and care. Simply follow these three easy steps immediately after each wearing and your Quatro garment will continue to look great for even the toughest judges.

All leotards must be turned inside out prior to washing. Individually machine washes in cold water using a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach, or use detergents or fabric conditioner. Remove from the washing machine immediately after the spin cycle.  

Do not use detergents

Do not use fabric conditioner

Do not leave folded when wet. 

Do not lay flat to dry.

Do not wring

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Do not handwash

Do not tumble dry

Metallic/foiled fabrics may dull with wear and repeated washing. Areas that incur friction or are in contact with perspiration or deodorant may show some loss of foil. We recommend you choose these leotards for occasional competition use. If your garment contains sensitive colour combinations i.e. both dark and light colours, always wash in a large volume of water on a gentle cycle to prevent colour bleeding. Remove IMMEDIATELY from washer after the spin cycle.

Washing instructions can be found in our brochures and also on our garment labels. All our leotards are made from special and delicate fabrics and should be cared for accordingly. We will not be held responsible for garments returned to us that have not been washed following these instructions.