#Sparkle Rhinestone

Rhinestone Personalisation by Quatro


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Product Information

  • Add some individuality and extra #Sparkle to your gym wear with a rhinestone design. There are many Quatro products that you can personalise: Racers, shorts, leggings, handguard bags and workout tanks

    Please note that each gymnastics rhinestone personalisation has a unique cost which is additional to the cost of the Quatro product that you buy. 

    If you would like to personalise your gymnastics leotard, please follow these simple steps: 
    1. Choose the Quatro product which you would like to personalise (see above for products that can be personalised) and put it in your basket
    2. Choose the personalisation you would like and put it in your basket
    3. Check out and wait 7-10 days for your beautiful personalised leotard!
    Please note that personalised items are strictly non-refundable unless there is a manufacturing fault. 

Size Guide

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