Quatro is a premium brand gymnastics leotard company. We are proud sponsors of British Gymnastics recently winning the four year contract which will take us up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We are also proud to have world class ambassadors such as Ellie Downie (UK), Becky Downie (UK), Amy Tinkler (UK), Eythora Thorsdottir (NL) to name a few.

Quatro’s Stockist Program allows retail outlets to take advantage or our internationally recognised brand to purchase in-stock garments from our collections at a wholesale price. With new stock collections released twice a year, stockists will have plenty of garments to choose from to keep customers happy.

Stockists receive exclusive offers such as:

  • Purchase in-stock garments at great wholesale price
  • Preview upcoming collections prior to its release
  • Pre-order upcoming in-stock collection garments prior to Quatro’s worldwide release

Benefits of being a stockist:

  • Generate revenue by leveraging a worldwide establish brand position to sell garments
  • Stock one of the UK’s most demanded brand of leotards

Who can become a Quatro Stockist?

To become a Quatro Stockist, you will need to be a registered company in your country and have a company business address. You will also be required to have a retail selling space or an area to sell the garment in your athletic facility or store. Evidence will be required.

Click here to get more information and recieve a quatro stockist application form.