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Partnership overview

We are proud to announce that Quatro is committed to putting children’s welfare at the heart of everything we do by partnering with the NSPCC. Together, we will:

  • educate parents and young people about using the internet and social media safely
  • raise awareness of how parents can safeguard their children while participating in sports
  • make sure the gymnastics community know how to get support via the NSPCC Helpline and Childline, should they ever need to
  • set a target to raise £30,000 to fund Childline for a whole day, supporting children when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.

The NSPCC is the leading children’s charity in the UK, dedicated to fighting child abuse and neglect in every community. They help children who have been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find new ways of preventing abuse from happening in the first place.    



Childline is the NSPCC's free 24-hour helpline, online chat service and website for children and young people. It's available every day of the year and staffed by highly-trained volunteer counsellors. It provides children and young people with a safe, supportive and confidential space where they can get information and advice, talk and be listened to, and start to get the help they need.


We believe it is so important that children and young people have a place to turn, we’ve set ourselves the mammoth challenge of raising £30,000 to fund the entire Childline service for a whole day. That’s 12 bases throughout UK, an army of counsellors and two dedicated websites for children.


There are so many ways you can help us reach our goal! You can add a donation to your order, purchase one of our special Quatro products where we will be donating a percentage of the proceeds, or even join the Quatro fundraising team and set up your own activity or event. You can monitor our progress by visiting our fundraising page.

Donate now


With over 90% of the NSPCC’s income coming from voluntary donations, we feel it is extremely important for us to add our support to make sure children are kept safe. That’s why any support, big or small, is vital in helping our community join the NSPCC’s fight for every childhood.


Let's keep kids safe online

The NSPCC joined forces with O2 to help parents explore and understand how to keep children safe online. It’s a creative and fun world with lots of opportunities, but also one with risks.

To coincide with our partnership with the NSPCC and help them reach more parents and carers, we will be offering everyone in the Quatro community the opportunity to take part in a 30 minute long online safety session. To find out more about these workshops please subscribe to our newsletter.

The O2 online safety helpline can help with information about any apps, sites or games, and how to change the settings to make them safer, as well as more general online safety information. You can contact them on 0808 800 5002. This service is free for all to use.

The Net Aware website has over 50 reviews of the latest apps and games children are using (like Houseparty and Zoom) The site is packed with reviews, tips and online safety advice from parents and experts from the NSPCC and O2.

About the CPSU

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) was founded in 2001 to work with UK Sports Councils, National Governing Bodies, Active Partnerships and other organisations to help them minimise the risk of child abuse during sporting activities. This followed a series of high-profile cases of abuse of young athletes by those in positions of trust.


The CPSU’s mission:

‘To build the capacity of sports to safeguard children and young people in and through sport and to enable sports organisations to lead the way in keeping children safe from harm’

For more information on how you can access CPSU resources, please visit

Let’s talk about keeping children safe in sport

Parents in Sport Week 2020 takes place from 5 – 11 October. Run by the CPSU, Parents in Sport Week aims to highlight the important role parents play in youth sport, from helping to keep children safe, to encouraging them to take part and achieve.


As part of the campaign, the CPSU are asking parents to make the Sports Parents Promise – a three-point pledge to their children to listen to them about their concerns, check clubs are safe to enjoy, and encourage children to take part in a positive way. They hope this will help parents to understand how their contribution to their child’s sport makes it a safer place for all children.


You can help support the CPSU and Parents in Sport Week by making the Sports Parents Promise on their website, where you can also find a wealth of helpful information about being a great sports parent and working with other parents in sport.


You can also support and follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #ParentsinSportWeek2020.